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Aicok Automatic Ice Cream Maker With Timer, Frozen Yogurt & Fruits Sorbet Machine

On this page we are going to be reviewing the new ice cream maker the Aicok Automatic Ice Cream Maker With Timer, Frozen Yogurt & Fruits Sorbet Machine. Most people spend a lot of money each week on ice cream because it’s one of the most popular deserts and most people like it.The great thing about having your own ice cream maker is the fact that you can make it easily, cheaply and you can control what’s in it, especially the sugar levels and the additives.

This Aicok Automatic Ice Cream Maker is a freezer bowl type similar to the Cuisinart ice cream maker the Ice-21, if you’re looking for a reasonably priced machine this is a good choice.

Check out the Aicok Automatic Ice Cream Maker With Timer, Frozen Yogurt & Fruits Sorbet Machine for a low cost way to make your own ice cream.

Aicok Ice Cream Maker Review


  • AUTOMATIC ICE CREAM MAKER WITH TIMER: Make your own frozen desserts at home in 15-30 minutes, customize the way you like. It would be great fun for a family with children, as well as for people wanting to control ingredients & make healthy options.
  • EASY TO USE IN 3 EASY STEPS: No salt needed. Keep the bowl dry and in the freezer for 12 hours (24hours for the first use) until you can not hear any sloshing sound when shaking the bowl, start the machine and then pour your cold mixture into the freezer bowl as it runs, finally just wait it to enjoy your creation!
  • TRANSPARENT LOCK LID WITH LARGE SPOUT: You can see the process without having to open or stop the machine, and add all your extra ingredients like chocolate chips. fresh fruit. peanut butter, cookies, etc while it’s making.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE AND CLEAN: Put the paddle in and put the top on, start the machine and then pour your cold mixture into the freezer bowl. The dual mixing paddle makes frozen desserts tasty. It’s very easy to take apart and clean. The bowl is 1.5 quarts which can serve 2-4 people.
  • TWO-YEAR QUALITY WARRANTY: The cooling liquid inside the freezer bowl has passed USA MSDS test, it is safe for recycling use and have good effect of low temperature preservation.If you have any issue with Aicok ice cream maker machine, please do not hesitate to contact us.

When you’re looking for an ice cream maker, you have to think about how much you want to pay, what type of ice cream maker you want and what you want to make in it so that you can find the best ice cream maker for your needs. If you just want a soft ice cream maker then this Aicok ice cream maker can do that for you, it can also be a frozen yoghurt maker and a sorbet maker.

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The Aicok Automatic Ice Cream Maker With Timer makes ice cream with the frozen bowl method. It comes with a 1.5 litre double walled bowl, which needs to be placed in the back of the freezer at the coldest part for 12 – 24 hours to make sure that the liquid inside the walls of the bowl is completely frozen.

The bowl has a lifting circle that it fits inside which has 4 handle parts sticking out making it easy for you to lift the bowl out of the base when the ice cream has been made.

The base has rubber anti slip feet so it’s secure on the worktop and a shaped interior that the bowl sits into. The size is 9.25 x 9.25 x 11.41 in and doesn’t take up too much space in the kitchen.

This Aicok ice cream machine comes with a long life durable motor which is inside the lid and has an opening to attach the paddle for mixing the ice cream. The lid clips onto the base securing the motor so that the paddle can turn easily.

To make your ice cream, a simple recipe especially vanilla, can be a base for every flavour that you want to try. There are some Aicok ice cream maker recipes included with the machine for you to try if you’ve never made ice cream before, and many versions available on Pinterest and Youtube that can keep all members of your family happy.

Choose a recipe that you like from the Aicok ice cream maker manual and mix up the batter, chilling it for a while will definitely help with the freezing, some people have been known to put it in the freezer for 10 or 15 minutes before making to really chill it. When you are ready, take the bowl from the freezer, assemble it into the machine, add the paddle, place the lid on and switch on the timer. The timer incorporated in the lid gives you the option to run the motor for 30 minutes which is usually enough time to bring your mixture into a soft serve ice cream.

There is a small easy pour spout at the front of the lid with its own lift up cover, pour your mixture into this spout, only fill the bowl to about two thirds as you need to leave space for the ice cream to expand as it freezes, let the paddle do it’s thing and mix your ice cream. After about 15 minutes you can add any chocolate chips, nuts or sweets of your choice into the spout to mix into your ice cream, it’s always better to wait until your mixture starts to thicken so your chips hold their place and don’t fall to the bottom of the mixture. Once the paddle can’t turn in your mixture it’s time to take it out.

You can serve your ice cream straight away if you like it soft or add it to an airtight container to freeze for a while for a firmer consistency.

Aicok ice cream maker reviews

Although this is a new product there is already many 5 star reviews, customer love how easy it is to make ice cream in this machine, they think that it’s small enough to leave on the countertop and it’s very easy to clean.

The only negative so far is one customer didn’t receive a scoop although it was listed on the box.


The Aicok Automatic Ice Cream Maker With Timer is a simple to use machine that can give you a soft serve ice cream in 30 minutes or less, you can make a different flavour every day if you want to as long as you have freezer space to store it. It’s so much better eating a dessert when you know exactly what’s in it and you’ve made it in your own favourite flavour. If price is a consideration for you this comes in cheaper than the Cuisinart Ice-21 making it an affordable option.

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