Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

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If you’ve decided to buy an Ice cream maker this summer and you’re looking through all the different brands out there you may have noticed that you can buy a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker for all budgets.

The hardest thing is knowing what you want in an ice cream maker and how much you want to pay for it. There are different types of ice cream makers available and Cuisinart manufacture 2 of them the freezer bowl type and the compressor type. So why don’t I give you an overview of the different Cuisinart Ice cream makers so you can see if one of them would be the best ice cream maker for you.

Cuisinart Ice-21

Cuisinart Ice-21

The Cuisinart Ice-21 is the cheapest Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker. It’s also the best seller on Amazon and has been for quite a while and that’s because it does the job simply and easily.

The Ice-21 is a freezer bowl type of ice cream maker and it has a capacity of 1.5 quarts. The standard color is white but you can get it in different colors like pink, red, raspberry and aqua.

The bowl is removable so that you can place it in the freezer and you will need to leave it in there for at least 24 hours to get the best results. The powerful motor is situated in the base, the frozen bowl sits on top of it, the ice cream paddle sits in the bowl and the lid locks on to secure everything in place.

You get some ice cream recipes in the booklet that comes with this ice cream machine, so you can get your ice cream batter mixed and cooling in the fridge while you’re waiting for the bowl to fully freeze. When you’re ready to make your ice cream switch on the machine and it will start turning the bowl. In this machine the paddle is held still by the lid and the bowl turns to do the mixing.  Within 20 minutes you can have you’re ice cream ready at soft serve consistency ready to serve immediately or place in a container in the freezer to harden up a bit. This is a great low cost option for most families.

Cuisinart Ice-30BC

Cuisinart Ice-30BC

The Cuisinart Ice-30BC is the next improvement on the Ice-21. This is a slightly different shape a bit more streamlined and more importantly it is a 2 litre capacity.

The Ice-30BC is a freezer bowl type of ice cream maker too although you have a bigger bowl so it’s worth checking it will fit in your freezer. The casing is in a brushed steel and the base is deeper on this machine so the bowl fits further in helping to keep it frozen for longer.

The paddle is the same style as on the Ice-21 but you have a smaller lid to fit on the top. It still has an opening in the lid which allows you to pour in your ice cream mixture when you switch on your machine and you can also use it to add sweets or pieces of fruit to your ice cream to personalise it for your family. There isn’t anything complicated about the controls as you just have an off and on position with the control switch on the front of the machine.

It takes about 25 minutes for your ice cream to get to soft serve thickness which you can eat immediately if you have impatient family waiting. If you don’t mind paying a little extra for a bigger machine then this Cuisinart Ice-30BC is worth checking out.

Cuisinart Ice-45

Cuisinart Ice-45

The Cuisinart Ice-45 is definitely the best ice cream maker for kids. This Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker has been designed so that you can pump the ice cream out into a cone. This is a taller ice cream machine and it has a capacity of 1.5 quarts and is a freezer bowl type.

This Ice-45 has a special bowl with a hole in the bottom for the ice cream to move into the ice cream dispenser when it is mixed. The most fun thing on this machine is the add in containers on the side which can hold your favourite pieces that you like in your ice cream.

You have 3 choices and you can choose all 3 or just 1 or 2, pull out the lever you want and it will mix in with the ice cream as it dispenses. Kids just love something that’s a bit interactive. There is a handle on the front of the machine that you press down to start the ice cream moving into the cone or just a bowl if you would prefer it.

You make the ice cream in the same way as the previous 2 ice cream makers by pre-freezing the bowl for at least 24 hours then pouring your ice cream mix into the opening at the top of the machine as you start it churning. If you have children why not treat them to ice cream cones with this Cuisinart Ice-45.

Cuisinart Ice-60

Cuisinart Ice-60

The Cuisinart Ice-60 is similar in style to the Ice-30BC. The outer casing is white, it looks very sleek and would fit into any kitchen. This machine is a large 2 quart capacity so if you want more ice cream for your family this is worth checking out.

This is a freezer bowl type machine and the bowl is 7.75 inches diameter and 6.5inches high so worth checking it will go in your freezer. The bowls are double walled with a freezing liquid between the walls, you know it’s frozen enough when you shake it and there is no sloshing sound.

The main difference in this Cuisinart Ice-60 ice cream maker from the ice-30Bc is the push button control panel near the top of the machine for easy access. You have 3 ice cream modes on this machine, ice cream, gelato and sorbet. Each mode should have a different speed or revolution which is the preferred for each type of dessert.

There is a measuring cup that has a double function, you can measure ingredients you want to add and it fills in the pouring spout helping to keep the cold in. You still have to monitor how the ice cream is doing while it is mixing but it has a few good improvements.

Cuisinart Ice-70

The Cuisinart Ice-70 is the improved version of the Ice-60. It’s a brushed steel ice cream machine with a 2 quart capacity. This is the latest freezer bowl type Cuisinart ice cream maker and the main difference about this machine is the countdown timer.

There has been some negative comments about Cuisinart Ice cream makers because they don’t have timers. You have to set your own timer or watch over the ice cream while churning so they listened and created this newer option.

There is an improved paddle which should churn your ice cream in around 20 minutes. There are 3 button selections on the control panel where you can select ice cream, gelato and sorbet and each has a preset time already programmed in which you can adjust to suit.

Once the timer has ended it will shut itself off automatically. The timer definitely gives you a better level of control when making your desserts but it’s whether you feel the Cuisinart Ice-70 is worth the extra money over the Ice-60. Why not check it out for yourself.

Cuisinart Ice-100

Cuisinart Ice-100

The Cuisinart Ice-100 is the only home compressor type ice cream maker that is produced by Cuisinart. The pleasure and convenience of a compressor machine means you can mix up your ice cream mix and start your ice cream churning whenever you want.

Not only that but you can clean it out afterwards and make another batch without any advanced freezing required. This Ice-100 ice cream maker has a capacity of 1.5 quarts with a removable ice cream bucket for easy cleaning and 2 paddles, 1 for ice cream and 1 for gelato which is a more dense ice cream so doesn’t require as much air beating into it.

The controls are very simple to use, you have a power on button, a timer and a start/stop button, pour your mixture into the ice cream bowl, add the correct paddle, which slots into the centre of the bowl. Place on the lid which has a smaller opening to add any extras to your ice cream, set the time around 30-40 minutes for ice cream and let it run.

Remove the ice cream from the bowl and either serve immediately or place in an airtight container in the freezer until it’s firmer. This Cuisinart Ice-100 is a more expensive option when it comes to ice cream makers because of the compressor but if you eat a lot of this dessert then you might feel it’s worth it.


I hope that we have given you enough information in these overviews so that you can decide which Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker you might like for your home. Making your own ice cream lets you decide which ingredients are used and you can do away with any additives so you can make the healthiest options. Why not treat yourself and your family today.

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