Gourmia GSI170 Automatic Ice Cream Maker

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When you’re looking for an ice cream maker but you don’t want it to take up your worktop space and you want it to look good so it fits in with the style of your kitchen then you need to check out the Gourmia GSI170 Automatic Ice Cream Maker Frozen Yogurt & Sorbet Maker with Digital Timer. This ice cream maker is a freezer bowl type and it is very nice to look at, it doesn’t look like an ice cream maker at all.

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Check out the Gourmia GSI170 Automatic Ice Cream Maker if you want to make ice cream in the best looking machine.

Gourmia GSI170 Review


This Gourmia GSI170 Ice cream maker is an elegant circle design of 9 inches diameter and 9 inches in height. It has a stainless steel outer with black accents and lid. The motor fits into the lid with the paddle inserting into the motor.

The Gourmia ice cream maker comes with a freezer bowl that can hold 3 pints of ice cream. It has a double wall structure which allows it to be frozen and stay frozen by the freezable liquid that is inside it. To make ice cream you have to freeze the bowl for at least 24 hours in the part of your freezer that has the coldest temperature. Before it is frozen you can hear the liquid in the bowl if you shake it, when it has been frozen sufficiently you shouldn’t hear any liquid sloshing around when you take it out of the freezer, that’s when you know you have had it in the freezer long enough.


You need to make your ice cream mixture a few hours before you want to make your ice cream so that it can cool down in the fridge. Keeping the mixture cold helps to freeze it quicker while the bowl stays frozen.

It doesn’t really matter what recipe for ice cream you use, whether you have a family favourite that you have used previously or you just take a recipe from the recipe book that’s included with the machine or from peoples favourites on Pinterest.

You don’t have to go to the trouble of making egg custards if you don’t want to, you can simply use a cream and milk mixture and some fruit of your choice. You have the control of what gets included in the mixture and you can add as much or as little as you like of sugar or sweetener and you don’t have to worry about colorings or preservatives.

Kids love making and eating ice cream so it’s a great way to get them involved in the kitchen and there is no doubt that they’ll eat the finished product.


Most ice cream makers don’t have a timer included and you just have to set your own timer or keep an eye on it all of the time. In this Gourmia GSI170 you have an easy to set timer and a start button, you can’t get easier than that. Set & monitor how long your ice cream is churning with the easy to use digital timer and LCD display. It gives you a default time of 20 minutes when you switch on but you can adjust that up to 40 minutes. You might want to choose that the first time you make your ice cream then monitor it from 20 minutes onwards. Once you know how long it usually takes to get the right frozen texture you can use that to ensure you get perfect results with every batch without constant monitoring. 20-30 minutes is usually a good ball park guideline.


When you have your ice cream mixture ready to make ice cream then the next step is to pour it into the Gourmia ice cream maker. You need to place your frozen bowl in the base and then push the paddle into the motor till it clicks. Line up the arrows on the lid and body of the ice cream maker so that the lid fits on properly and it will click into place. Set your time as above and press start. The paddle will start to turn and you can then open the small window on the top of the lid to pour in your mixture. When your ice cream starts to firm up you can use the easy pour spout to add sprinkles, chocolate chips, nuts or any delicacy of your choice.


The standard of ice cream you normally will get is a soft serve consistency and you can eat that straight away if you wish. You can also store the ice cream in an airtight container in the fridge. I like to store mine in individual portions so I can just take one out when I want it and I don’t have to worry about how easy it is to scoop out when frozen.


Gourmia, take the quality of their products very seriously. They are UL certified so you can be confident that you’re receiving nothing but safe, efficient and high quality appliances.


Customer Opinion

Customers found that it worked well for them and they had the ability to make organic ice creams in the flavours they like. They found that the machine was quiet to run. They like the design and its small enough to store in a cupboard.

On the downside some customers found that they couldn’t get the ice cream to freeze. Some people had problems with the paddle snapping after a few uses and some just didn’t think much of the instructions either.


If you’re looking for a simple to use but elegant to look at ice cream maker then give the Gourmia GSI170 Automatic Ice Cream Maker your serious consideration. You’re not limited to ice cream but can make frozen yogurt and that is so simple to do, just buy a flavoured pot of yogurt and run it through the process and you have beautiful frozen dessert. Why give up your favourite dessert when you can make your own healthier versions.

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