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Gourmia GSI480 Automatic Ice Cream Maker

If you want to make your own homemade ice cream but can’t be bothered with the frozen bowl ice cream machines or the salt and ice machines then check out this review on the Gourmia GSI480 Automatic Ice Cream Maker.

If you have checked out compressor ice cream makers and felt they were out of your price range this little machine might tick the right boxes, just add the ice cream mixture and you could have your own healthy ice cream within an hour. If you want to know what other type of machines are available check out our Top 10 Best Ice Cream Makers 2017.

Check out the Gourmia GSI480 Automatic Ice Cream Maker with Built-In Cooling System for an all in one ice cream maker

Gourmia Ice Cream Maker Review

There’s nothing that can give as much pleasure as a bowl of your favourite ice cream, made at home with a simple recipe it doesn’t take many ingredients to prepare an ice cream mixture that can taste as good as any shop bought ice cream. The good thing about a Gourmia ice cream maker with it’s own freezing unit is that you can clean it out after making and set it off again for another batch, certainly not too difficult to have a selection in the freezer of the family favourites to keep everyone happy.

What do you get with the Gourmia GSI480

Ice cream machine
Transparent upper lid with paddle attached
Ice cream scoop
Measuring spoons
spatula with silicon scraper


  1. NO FREEZER NEEDED: This innovative ice cream machine comes with its own built in cooling system that enables you to make ice-cream without the need to freeze the bowl first.
  2. ALL IN ONE: Make your own soft or hard ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt, gelato, or other delicious frozen treats in under 60 minutes with our innovative all-in-one ice cream machine.
  3. HARD & SOFT: Choose between hard or soft serve ice cream with our control panel, which features 3 simple buttons to help you customize your ice cream to your liking for more variety.
  4. QUICK & EASY: This frozen dessert maker is quick & easy to use. Simply pop your ingredients into the machine, push a button, and you’ll have a tasty treat for the whole family to enjoy in no time!
  5. INCLUDES RECIPE BOOK: Make delicious frozen treats just like in the ice cream shoppe with our included bonus cookbook. Also includes easy read manual to get you started.

This ice cream machine is an all-in-one ice cream maker in a small unit of 6 x 10 x 9 in which can fit easily on your worktop. The machine has a white plastic casing and has a cooling system with an incorporated ice cream bowl which allows you to make ice cream without having to put a bowl into the freezer or add salt and ice to freeze it.

This Gourmia dessert maker is so easy to use with only 3 control buttons, an on/off switch, a soft and a hard button which allows you to choose the level of hardness that you prefer when making homemade ice cream. Your not just limited to ice cream either, you can also make sorbet, frozen yogurt and gelato.

Gourmia ice cream maker recipes are included with your machine which gives you an assortment of recipes to try and with this 2.1 pint capacity machine, the chance to keep a variety of options ready to eat whenever you want from the freezer, or you can just make a batch in around 60 minutes from scratch.

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So how easy is it to make ice cream in this Gourmia machine

Well start with a basic ice cream recipe, to which you can add whatever flavouring you want:

3/4 cup milk
3/4 cup cream
1/4 cup sugar

Mix together till the sugar has dissolved and add your flavouring, you can add pureed fruit or add cocoa for chocolate flavouring. You can create any flavour mix you like or even try out different milks.

Add your mixture into the bowl and attach the lid and motor as directed in the instructions and twist to lock into place. Plug in to the power and the on/off button should light up.

Decide what consistency of ice cream you want, either hard or soft serve and press the button option on the control panel, your machine will now start mixing. It can take up to 60 minutes for the churning process to complete, the machine knows when the texture is at the correct level for completion and then it will sound a beep and stop the beater turning. Your ice cream is ready.

Unplug your machine and scoop out the ice cream, you can put it into a plastic freezer container for storage or just to harden up. If you like your ice cream soft you can eat it straight out of the machine. If you like to add things to your ice cream like chocolate chips or pieces of fruit you can mix it in at the end.
There is a scoop which you can use for portion control or to make a cone or you can use the spatula to remove the ice cream without scratching the aluminium bowl.

The bowl of the ice cream maker is not removable so you need to clean it in situ. You can wipe out with kitchen towel and hot cloth, you may have to wait until the bowl comes back to room temperature to make it easier to clean.

Who is the Gourmia GSI480 for?

This machine is for the person who would like the benefit of an ice cream maker with a built in freezing unit without a high price. If you aren’t looking to make a large amount of ice cream this Gourmia GSI480 Automatic Ice Cream Maker makes 2.1 pints at a time.  If you’ve tried cheaper ice cream makers and would rather not have to pre plan ice cream making by having to freeze an ice cream bowl beforehand then you might find one of these machines suitable for you. You can get your Gourmia ice cream maker at

Gourmia dessert maker reviews

Checking out the reviews on buyers are happy at the results they have created using their ice cream makers, it’s very easy to use and can give ice cream in less than an hour.

The small size of the machine makes it easy to store in a cupboard.

The machine won’t cater for a big family but if you are only needing smaller portions this is a great machine.

The main negatives are that the batch of ice cream is too small and some people have found it wouldn’t turn the mixture into ice cream.


This is a reasonably priced all-in-one ice cream maker, if a small batch of ice cream is perfect for you then you might want to invest in this compact machine.

Buy the Gourmia GSI480 Automatic Ice Cream Maker with Built-In Cooling System at

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