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If you’ve been hankering after an ice cream machine for the summer so that you can make your own concoctions of ice cream have you considered buying an ice cream and yogurt maker?

Check out this Ice Cream Maker 2018 and Automatic Homemade Frozen Yogurt Machine By Focipow. You have the option to make ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet but you can also set it to make your own batch of bio yogurt.

Check out this Ice Cream Maker 2018 and Automatic Homemade Frozen Yogurt Machine By Focipow if you like the idea of making your deserts from scratch with natural ingredients.

Ice Cream Maker By Focipow Review


  • Multi-function – Making ice cream ,yogurt,Sorbet and Frozen delicious dessert in one machine.
  • Instant&Easy operation – One touch button to start and off,Just 20 minutes can enjoy a soft and delicious frozen yogurt and ice cream.
  • Large Capacity and Two Size bowls – Make ice cream with 1.5L bowl and yogurt with need to buy extra bowl.
  • Healthy & DIY for Kids – Can offer you and your family healthy and different flavors and styles frozen ice cream you like. Adopt food graded material, safe for making ice cream/yogurt.
  • Simple and compact design – Easy to clean, fits any counter. Best ice cream machines for home.

The Focipow ice cream maker is a compact machine that is a freezer bowl type of ice cream maker. The base of the machine is approximately 11 inches tall and about 12 inches from front to back. It’s not too large that you can’t sit it on the countertop without it swamping the area. It’s the simplest machine to use with a 3 option switch on the side, ice cream/off/yogurt.

The bowl for the ice cream is 1.5 quarts so that you can make a decent size portion of ice cream in one go. If you shake the bowl you will hear is swish around and that is because within the walls of the bowl is a freezable liquid to help the bowl stay frozen while you make ice cream.

You need to freeze the bowl for around 24 hours to get it cold enough for what you need. It’s best to get it to the back of your freezer or in the coldest part. When you take it out of the freezer you shouldn’t be able to hear anything when you shake it, which will mean it’s ready for use. If you can hear something it’s not been in a cold enough part of the freezer and needs longer to get to a colder temperature.

The base of the Focipow machine houses the bowl and it has a connector in the top of it to attach it to the motor and the lid of the machine. The lid itself is transparent with a small opening for pouring in your ice cream mixture, so mixing it up in a pourable jug will be a help. The paddle is removable and just pushes onto the motor before attaching the lid to the base unit. The lid is attached via the socket attachment which plugs into the connector on the base. Plug the motor into the electrical outlet and you’re ready to make ice cream.


To make ice cream in the Ice Cream Maker 2018 and Automatic Homemade Frozen Yogurt Machine By Focipow make sure that your ice cream mixture has been cooled in the fridge as that will help in getting a quick ice cream. Switch on the machine to the ice cream position, this will start turning the paddle inside the bowl. Pour in your mixture and let it churn for approximately 20 minutes to get a nice soft serve mixture.

The reason you pour in the mixture while the paddle is turning rather that just pouring it straight into the bowl is to minimise it freezing onto the side of the bowl and causing difficulty for the paddle to turn. The maximum time the ice cream maker will turn for is 40 minutes, but you shouldn’t need that long.

I’ve found that I prefer to take it out of the machine before it gets too hard as it’s easier to scrape down the sides to get it all out and I freeze it to eat later. I even prefer to freeze in individual containers as I then don’t have issues getting it out of the container to serve, I just take it out 30 minutes before we eat and it’s a perfect dessert.

You’re not limited to ice cream you can use this machine to make frozen yogurt which is my favourite dessert at the moment. You can get a pot of flavored yogurt from the store and pour that into the ice cream maker for a quick and tasty frozen yoghurt, but best of all you can make your own yoghurt which is much better for you and then add some stewed fruit to it and then make it into iced yogurt. Lush!

Yogurt making

To make yogurt all you need to get is 3 cup of milk(long life sterilised means you don’t have to heat it up) and half cup of plain yogurt (bio yogurt required or buy some yogurt culture) mix together and put inside the yoghurt container of this machine and turn on for 8 hours and it is ready. It’s so simple it’s definitely worth trying.


Customer Opinion

This is a new release product so there aren’t lots of reviews but from what is there the majority of customers love this machine. They like how quickly it is making the ice cream and they find it value for money. It’s big enough to make a portion each for a family of 4 and many people now keep their bowl in the freezer all the time so they can make ice cream whenever they want.

The only negative review at the moment is from someone who couldn’t get it to make ice cream, it wouldn’t freeze. The only thing I can suggest there is to make sure that the bowl is well frozen, make sure the ice cream mix has been in the fridge for a while so is cold. If this still doesn’t work you have the opportunity to return it under the Amazon guarantee within 30 days.


I’m all for multi tasking machines that save space in the home and the Ice Cream Maker 2018 and Automatic Homemade Frozen Yogurt Machine By Focipow can do that. I think that most people use it for an ice cream maker but the fact that you have options for making yogurt makes it a good machine for the price.

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