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White Mountain Ice Cream Maker with Appalachian Series Wooden Bucket, 6-Quart Electric

Welcome to this review of the White Mountain Ice Cream Maker with Appalachian Series Wooden Bucket, 6-Quart Electric. In this review I’m looking forward to sharing with you the features and function of this ice cream maker and we’ll delve into some customer opinions, so that we can get some well rounded insight into this delightful looking machine.

This white mountain ice cream maker 6 quart option is an ice and salt machine which can make a good amount of ice cream at one time, it’s a great machine to get your kids involved in making frozen soft serve ice cream, and you can get everyone involved if you use it at family occasions.

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The White Mountain brand is all about making family memories, they started with a white mountain ice cream maker hand crank model of this ice cream maker and now we have the electric version.

White Mountain Ice Cream Maker with Appalachian Series Review

This White Mountain Ice Cream Maker looks amazing, just like it came out of your Grandma’s kitchen. If you’re looking for an ice cream maker that can make a decent quantity of ice cream in one go, then this 6 quart machine could be for you. They do make a 4 quart option too if this is too large.

This is a great ice and salt machine for barbecues and parties, it looks the part and can provide for quite a few guests, and of course they will want to get involved in the churning process because it is fun to watch, especially for kids.

One reason it looks so good and is a little more expensive than other ice cream makers, is the New England Pine, dark stained bucket. This bucket is crafted from select pine wood and bound with strong galvanized hoops with electroplated fittings to ensure long lasting stability.

The motor used for this automatic White Mountain ice cream maker is a 12000 rpm commercial grade motor, no ice cream is going to get the better of this motor.

Now the ice cream has to be churned, and for that you need a dasher. White Mountain has a patented, triple-action dasher, which is made of electroplated, heavy duty, cast iron. This is made to last and should never warp out of shape, it also includes self adjusting beech blades for scraping the inside of the ice cream canister.

So with all of these well made, long lasting pieces of equipment, what else do we need to make ice cream? Well all you need now is your favourite ice cream recipe, some ice, rock salt and somewhere to plug it in. It does seem to help if you chill your ice cream mixture before churning to give your machine the best chance at letting the ice freeze the mix in a timely manner.

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Unlike the frozen bowl ice cream machines, the ice cream container doesn’t need to be pre-frozen but once you place it in the bucket with the ice cream mixture inside, you add the dasher and the motor. When everything is in place you can switch on the motor and then add ice and salt around the ice cream container,  keep adding ice and salt as it melts and around 40 to 60 minutes later you should have soft serve ice cream.

Dispense your soft serve ice cream into a plastic freezer storage container to harden up and store, you can eat it soft if you can’t wait, you can also stir in your add-ins now if you want to add things to the mix.

Wow! I’m impressed with the quality, does it give good results? Let’s see what verified buyers at have to say:

Customer Opinion

Good Points

My best summer purchase. The ice cream turns out serious, real serious! Nicely churned and firm.

Better than expected!

Absolutely the best ice cream maker you can buy.

Bad Points

No, it did not meet my expectations. Poor quality.

Electroplate kept chipping off on the moving parts bottom and top of paddle leaving electroplate chips in the ice cream.

I bought one of these several years ago and the bucket’s quality was amazing. After several years, I bought this one and was completely disappointed to find out that the price increased x3 and the quality decreased by the same rate.


This White Mountain Ice Cream Maker only has 64% 5 star rating. A lot of people love use this machine, it’s not perfect as in a lot of salt and ice machines, but if you use the buyers suggestions good results can be had. There are different sizes available to buy so you can choose what size you want and you can go more green and buy a hand crank model.

The good thing about the White Mountain brand is the 5 year limited warranty. So if you are looking for a great ice cream maker, this definitely fits the bill.

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