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Whynter ICM-200ls Review
Whynter ICM-200ls

You might be interested in this Whynter ICM-200ls Review if you love the idea of making your own ice cream. There are many ice cream makers to choose from but a compressor type can do it all at the press of a button.

When you’re trying to eat well and keep your foods healthy it’s easier to control if you make meals from scratch. You can do the same thing with ice cream, you can choose what goes into the recipe, you can make it dairy free, sugar free and you can make different versions to suit all members of your family.

Check out the Whynter ICM-200ls if you want to make your own healthy versions of your favourite ice cream.

Whynter ICM-200ls Review

The Whynter ICM-200ls is a home compressor ice cream maker. If you’re not sure what that entails, it has it’s own internal freezer which lets you add your ice cream mixture and it freezes and churns till the ice cream is made.

This machine is not too big so it can fit on your worktop, it has a simple control panel so it will start working at the touch of a button.

This ice cream maker has a removable bowl which makes it easy to clean up and it comes in a 2.1 quart size which is bigger than most other compressor ice cream makers.

The churning blade is easy to install when you want to make your ice cream and removable for easy cleaning when you’re ready to remove the ice cream from the bowl.

The lid is transparent with a small opening which you can use to add in any pieces of fruit or sweets into your ice cream while it’s churning.

Once your iced dessert is finished it can be removed and put into a freezable container to make it a bit firmer before you eat it or just to store it for another day.

We’d like to include some pros and cons in this Whynter ICM-200ls Review to give you more information when making a decision to buy.


Easy to use controls

The controls on this Whynter ICM-200ls machine couldn’t be simpler, you have a power button so you can switch on, a menu button so you can choose from the 3 modes available, ice cream, cooling only and mixing only. There is plus and minus time buttons to adjust the times to suit what you want. Finally a start/pause button which means you can stop at any time to add extra ingredients or to just check how well it’s freezing.


With a 2 quart capacity you can make a good family size batch of ice cream. You can also make other frozen desserts like frozen yogurt or sorbets. Mix up a batch of ice cream mixture and add it to the bowl. Switch the machine on and choose the ice cream mode, it will give you 60 minutes on the timer by default. If you have chilled your mixture it will take around 30 minutes. You can leave in the machine for around 30 minutes on the cooling option only if you are ready to eat your ice cream soon or you can just remove the ice cream into a storage container. If you like to have your ice cream at a firmer consistency you can just set it to run for the 60 minutes and keep checking it till it gets to how you like it. There is a small window on the lid which you can open and add extras into your ice cream while it’s churning. If you do it near the end of the freezing cycle it will mix the ingredients in without them dropping to the bottom of the mixture. The finished product is a smooth creamy ice cream.

Easy clean up

If you want to clean out the bowl and churning blade you can easily remove the bowl and wash it up in warm soapy water with the churning blade and the lid. If you want to make another batch of ice cream you just need to make sure that you have dried it well before you set it to churning the next batch. The outer casing is stainless-steel and it just needs wiping clean with a damp cloth to remove any spills.


Churning blade

Some people find that the churning blade is badly designed and has too many crevices to be able to clean it well. It’s worth making sure you clean it immediately so that the ice cream doesn’t have time to stick in the crevices. You might find a small cleaning brush helpful.

Problems with freezing

Some customers have had problems with the freezer unit, either it doesn’t freeze well enough to make ice cream or it just doesn’t work at all. If you buy you’re Whynter ICM-200ls from Amazon you can return it within the month if you have any issues with it, so definitely one of the reasons we suggest You can check in the Whynter icm-200ls manual for troubleshooting tips first before you have to go down that route.

Customer Service

People who have had issues with their machine have found it difficult to get in touch with the customer service department. Apparently you can only get in touch via email which can make it quite frustrating when you want to sort something out and you’re always waiting for a reply. There has also been issues in getting Whynter ice cream maker parts.


As you can see the pros far outweigh the cons on this product. The people who have had some problem are only a small percentage of buyers and the majority love this product. For a compressor ice cream maker the Whynter ICM-200ls is uncomplicated to use which makes you just want to find different things you can make in it. There are recipes included in the manual but you can get lots of ideas from people on Pinterest if you want to try something different. Hopefully in this Whynter ICM-200ls Review we have given you enough information for you to decide to buy it. If you would like to see more information or customer reviews go to the main page on

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